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So What is Inbound or Outbound Marketing? Which one is Best for Your Company?

Have you been hearing a lot about Inbound Marketing and/or Outbound Marketing? Which is better and which one should you use for your business marketing campaign?

What is Outbound Marketing?

Let’s first start out with Outbound Marketing. I’m sure if you are a business owner you know this form of marketing is very familiar. Outbound (traditional/old school) marketing is basically when a company initiates a conversation by sending their message out to an audience.

Examples of outbound marketing include:

  • Email Blasts
  • Cold Calls
  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Tv Commercials
  • Radio Commerical
  • Print Ads (newspaper, magazine, flyers, catalogs, etc)
  • Trade Shows
  • Yellow Page Ads

Problems with Outbound Marketing

Even in today’s world, many companies use the majority of their marketing budgets on outbound marketing. On the average, companies spend over 90% of their marketing budgets on outbound marketing and it is very hard to track and is a lot less effective than inbound. Since outbound marketing has been around forever companies just believe it is part of business and keep doing it the old school way. This type of marketing should not get in the way or block companies to evolve in the virtual world and marketing trends. Traditional isn’t always best here are some problems that outbound marketing has include:

  • High Cost
  • Not easy to track ROI (return on investment)
  • Increased Blocking Programs (spam filters/do not call lists)

Reports show that over half of companies that implemented some sort of inbound marketing to their marketing efforts had a 25% or greater increase in ROI over companies that only implemented outbound marketing. As a business owner, isn’t it your main goal to cut costs and increase conversions?! You can do this by shifting some of your outbound marketing to inbound marketing!

What is Inbound Marketing?

Now we will talk about inbound marketing and why is it so beneficial to your business.  Inbound marketing is where your marketing campaign has the customers find you. Basically it is simple, it helps the customers find you at their time of need of your products or services. They find you through organic/natural and paid search engine marketing techniques.  This is the most effective way to capitalize on the benefits of inbound marketing. How it works is your new potential client actually starts the conversation virtually by searching a relevant topic to your industry. When that certain topic is searched, your company’s website answers that question by being returned in the search engine result pages. Being relevant and visible online is where you will benefit and gain that client before your competition does. Without inbound marketing, your website will not just appear. You need to have a SEO marketing campaign in place to be returned on the first page of the result pages.  Creating web pages, ads, articles etc that brings customers to find you is a warm lead. You are answering a question that they want or need, so be there to answer!



Examples of Inbound Marketing:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • PPC (pay per click advertising)
  • Social Media
  • Blogging/ebooks/White Papers
  • Viral YouTube Videos
  • Webinars

How to Start Making the Transition from Outbound to Inbound Marketing

Keep in mind that with inbound marketing-CONTENT IS KING! Ok, I don’t mean to yell but its true! Start by initiating SEO and or PPC campaigns. Depending on your business and how saturated industry is, is what determines which program or even both may be best. You will need to:

  • Start with Keyword Research
  • Optimize Web Pages
  • Have Relevant Content
  • Repeat, Repeat, Repeat all the Above

I am not saying to stop all outbound marketing now and shift to inbound marketing solely. I am advising you to look at your marketing budget, look to see what is actually giving you profitable ROI margin. If you are not getting a good conversion, it’s time to start making the transition. You can do this by starting small and as you see the profit margin grow then add more techniques of inbound marketing to your campaign. If you are anything like me, I would much rather have customers contact me when it is convenient for them rather than disturbing them during a busy work day!

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Look forward to hearing from you!

Tania Marsland


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