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web design web developmentWhen Do You Need a New Website? Is Your Current Website Maintained Properly?

Here are 8 questions to ask yourself to help you decide if you and need a new website:

  • Is your website mobile responsive? Can mobile devices and tablets view your website correctly and do all options and menu’s work?
  • Does your website receive visitors from the search engines? There are billions of searches done on a daily basis. Does your website get returned by Google when someone searches for your site?
  • Do users know what to do once they land on your page? If you don’t have a user friendly interface, users will bounce to the competitor website that guides them to what they are looking for.
  • Is social media implemented on your site? Do you have links to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Youtube (just to mention a few)?
  • Is there a blog?
  • Has your content (text and images) on the pages of your website been the same since the website was first developed?
  • Does your site display your contact information? Can users find your phone number easily? Is the business contact information in the header in order for users to contact you regardless of what page they are viewing?
  • Is there a lead capture system? Does the website have a specific form that the users can complete that provides you with their contact information?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions than most likely your business needs a new website. Taking the time to invest in a new website, is taking the time to invest in your business

Your business’s website is an online version of a brick and mortar business. In order to be visible in the virtual internet world, your website needs to convey your business’s information, detailed list of products and services to everyone that is searching for those products and/or services. Websites along with any type of communication to customers’ needs to be kept fresh and updated on a regular basis. How well would retail clothing stores do if they never updated their windows with the newest style trends? If actual product displays were over 3 years old? I’m sure you would agree that clothing store would not be making any sales. The same holds true for your website, it is extremely important to keep updating with fresh content in order to evolve and have a successful website that will work for you not against you. In order to maintain your website, website maintenance support must be in place.

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Tania Marsland

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