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socialmediaimageWhy use social media for local businesses marketing strategy?

Social Media for local business is the explosive new technique that   Local Businesses have been flocking to as of late. Why? Increase leads, traffic, build your brand and generate more sales! Those reasons should definitely get you excited. I hear a lot of businesses tell me on a daily basis “They Don’t Use Social Media”. Guess what??!! The online users looking for your products are services are using social media, as well as your competitors! Social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest are some of the quickest ways to get your business in front of droves of people within seconds. However, many Local Businesses are finding that, to use any of the social media platforms effectively, you have to learn the ins and outs. Obviously, there are several different strategies that you might attempt, but not all of them are going to be effective. Therefore, a business needs a Local Social Media Strategy.

What’s the Trick?

You really have to put yourself into the mind of the online user when you attempt marketing with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. You are there to enlighten, encourage, and empower your followers. Yes, you might converse with a few of them afterwards. Those are your actual listeners. Not everyone is going to listen to what you have to say, but those that do might tell others. This is social media marketing for local business, basically networking your business!
Love is a big part of Social Media for local businesses and it is also a very powerful emotion that we, as humans, experience. It’s unconditional, right? Well, not if you expect something in return. Therefore, if you really want your followers to love you, you have to focus on giving. If your followers truly love you, they will eventually give back. Most Internet Marketing experts all agree.
So, what can you give? Things to consider might be information about changes in your industry, job opportunities, in depth studies, or other interesting pieces of information. Think about what your followers might find valuable before you start publishing on the social media floor. It’s likely that they won’t want to hear how your day is going or listen to you promote yourself repetitively, so do your best and post what you feel that it is really something that your followers might find interesting or valuable.

Instead, as mentioned above, focus on things that you can give them that they will appreciate. I like to call it selfless giving. What would you find valuable? Links to worthwhile marketing info are great, as is any information that will help your followers to stay on top of their game.

This is the trick to Social Media Marketing, and why it works. You might feel as if you are the only one giving but, eventually, your network will give back. This could be through increased business, or even new connections. So, give freely if you really want to reap the rewards of Social Media Marketing love.

What’s Next?

Okay, so you have a few followers and some of them are listening, right? Well, it’s not a hidden secret that you need qualified followers. We have all heard the saying, “It’s not the quantity that matters; it’s the quality.” It’s true here too. If your followers aren’t quality, you won’t have those potential buyers that you really need and your efforts will be fruitless.
So how can you start identifying those individuals? One way is by creating a target audience profile. Consider what type of person might be interested in your local market. You would start by determining who could use your product or service. For instance, being in the water, coffee and vending services industry creating a target audience profile that would be looking for your specific services.

Now, think about it. This is really a simple way to gain the interest of your followers and it’s not a strategy that will take you days or weeks to achieve. This is something that you could literally complete in just a few hours, if that.

Finding Your Followers

If you want to attract more followers, you will have to find them and encourage them to start following your posts. Below are a few suggestions for building your following.

1. Try to include your or your business’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest feed on everything that you can. Think email signatures, company letterheads, your business cards, website, and office doors, author bios, etc…literally everywhere possible.
2. Expand your research..
3. Go hunting. Once you’ve found followers that fit your defined profiles, introduce yourself. Don’t forget to send them a follow up message that invites them to begin following you.
4. Don’t forget to go back to your search and start looking searching other keywords that fit within your niche and your area so that you can gain as many followers as possible.

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